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Home Security Tips According To Common Sense

Home security tips according to common sense - Is it just me, or do we spend more time worrying about our computer security today than our own home security? You have a firewall and virus protection for your CPU, but have you changed the door lock since you moved home? Do you have stairs, tools, and other items lying around your page that can be used by thieves to break the window and access your home? Do you have a alarm system that you have never used? Which window let open? The door left is not locked? When was the last time you took a walk around the house and, thought like a thief, thinking about how easy it was to break in? Yes, that's what I think.

Let's look at some smart security tips that can help make your home safer for you and your family. And guess what? Most of them are easier to implement than security software that are loaded on your computer.

First, remember that in general thieves will avoid the houses occupied. However, that does not mean your family is always safe while at home. There is always an exception to the rule, and you should not assume that nothing can happen only because there is someone there. If the thief enters when you are not there, your items are at risk. If the thief enters when your family is at home, your family is also at risk.

Now after I make you think, let's look at a few steps you can follow to minimize the risk of being targeted.

Key : Don't share keys to friends, even though they can be trusted. Make sure you know the location of all your home keys all the time. Never use a hidden key or leave the key under the mat, above the door, in a flower pot, or anywhere outside the house. You might think you are smart, but guess what? Thieves know all the tricks. It's their job (however despite). In addition, you should save the car key and your home key on a different ring if you ever use valet parking or leave your key on the parking attendant or even in the workshop.

Don't let strangers enter home: Adults have no problems in conveying these rules to their children, but they don't realize that this rule must also be applied to them! Home security means being careful. Even before you open the front door to receive the package, you must request a photo identification. This applies to anyone you don't know. Don't think someone is "legitimate" just because they wear a uniform or drive a company truck (these items can be stolen). If someone comes to your door and asks to call, offer it to make it, but don't let them enter. If someone seems hurt, call 911, but don't open the door. When you go to call, the door lock behind you; You don't want to let the door unlocked and unmanned. The chain at the door helps ensure people cannot force in when you are at home.

Key: keep your door lock and window, even when you are at home. Get used to your children to do this habit. It's too easy to forget the window that opens when you leave home, and it gives an easy way for thieves. Don't assume that the second floor window is beyond the reach of thieves. They are good at finding ways to enter.

Don't be predictable: If you always leave home at the same time every day and come back at the same time, thieves can easily memorize your routine to take advantage of your moments not at home. Job is a job, and you might not be able to change these hours, but if you always go to class or food store at the same time, try to make yourself less predictable. You can also consider automatic timer for your lights and electronics, so that someone is at home, even when they are not at home.

Valuables should not be displayed: I know you want to show off your poorest plasma TV, but if someone can look into your window and see wallets, credit cards, wallets, jewelry, or your luxury electronic items in sight, they will be tempted. Computers or televisions placed in front of the ground floor window can be an easy target. Similarly, electronics placed across the window is also easily visible. With the same tone, don't let your garage door open so that the world can see all the cool items that you have in the warehouse. Lightweight items can be deprived quickly and easily.

Beware of your garbage: Just bought a new entertainment system? No need to tell the world about it. A group of empty boxes on the roadside is an open invitation for prospective thieves. Instead of putting the box before your eyes, cut, and put it in a garbage bag. Beware of identity theft. Never put personal identification information in your trash can until it has been destroyed.

Try to be aware of your environment every day, even in your own environment. This doesn't mean walking around like a paranoid crazy; Get used to watching suspicious activities.

Paying attention to simple things can make you and your family away from the target. The alarm thieves and home security systems are good investments, but prevention of common sense is the best way to stay safe.

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