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Handcrafted Crystal Animal Sculptures From Turkish Lead Crystals

Handcrafted Crystal Animal Sculptures From Turkish Lead Crystals - Purchase a lead crystal animal figurine from the area where lead crystal glass making first started. Turkey has been involved in making crystal sculptures for centuries. Small workshops in towns and villages are places where crystal animal sculptures are made in various designs. Currently dolphins are one of the most popular crystal animal sculptures.

The art of creating lead crystal glass sculptures has not changed significantly over the centuries. The process begins with the craftsman melting the molten glass material in a furnace. Wood molds are also used to shape glass. After the craftsman examined the crystal sculpture he had made and found that this step had been completed, he then chilled it for 36-48 hours.

After the animal crystal sculpture has cooled for a certain period of time, the craftsman uses an emery stone to polish the surface. This gives the main crystal piece a beautiful reflective quality. He then added the specific details he wanted to see in the crystal. Many animal crystal sculptures are left smooth, but there may be details that need to be added to the sculpture, such as the eyes. This process is how Turkish crystal sculptures are made and the workshop is renowned for its attention to detail and perfection in the work they produce.

While Turkish crystal animal sculptures can be expensive, they are well worth what you pay for. It is a true work of art that you will definitely want to add to your collection. A lead crystal sculpture of any design in your antiques cabinet brings with it the centuries-long history that developed its creation. You can look at it and know that the work that went into its creation is a time-honored tradition from the past that is still in use today, despite all the new technology that has been developed.

If you have a crystal animal sculpture made of lead crystal glass, you can consider yourself lucky. There is currently a strong demand for crystal animal sculptures made in Turkey, from many other parts of the world. The quality of today's crystal sculptures is as superior as it was hundreds of years ago.

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