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5 Steps To Better Lawn And Garden

5 Steps To Better Lawn And Garden - If you are lucky enough to have a lawn with a good topsoil, a lot of the hard work of keeping the lawn is beautiful is already being done for you. But many of us don't have this luxury, and besides, even with a good topsoil, you still have to work hard to maintain beautiful courtyards and gardens.

1. The best time to cut grass is when it's cool and dry. Wait until the morning dew dries up, and before the afternoon heat lasts. Alternatively, the afternoon or evening after watering in the morning is also a good time.

2. A fence is a much better barrier than a fence. This will provide greater privacy and keep pets and children in or out. This will attract the bird to its shelter, and provide a great backdrop for plants and flowers.

3. Present the beauty of your garden; Plant water hyacinths near sidewalks and doors. Its incredible perfume will flood the spring air and bring your garden to life.

4. Add your garden to non-garden items, such as lamp posts and mailboxes. Surround these items with floral plants to take advantage of earliest to most recent flowering. You can have white snowdrops, golden yellows and purples, blue hyacinths, and a variety of colored tulips. You can also surround the pillar with rocks for added appeal.

5. Simple but effective weed control can be achieved in your yard by mowing frequently during the spring. This will prevent the spread of the dandelion by removing yellow flowers and preventing seed formation. Cut high during late spring and early summer. This will allow the blades of grass to shade the soil, and will help prevent the crabgrass from sprouting.

Your lawn and garden should be a source of pride and beauty. You don't have to spend a fortune on expensive fertilizers and herbicides, or on fancy garden furniture and ornaments. A little common sense and thought can go a long way toward making your yard and garden a much better place.

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